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    I have a black thumb when it comes to flowers but I had managed to succeed in having one lone flower in our backyard.  While I was observing it , my little toddler was with me.  So I said, "Now, Patti, don't pick that flower or it won't grow big".  I went back inside and soon Patti came in with my flower!  When I ask her why she picked my flower she replied, "But Mommie, it was not growing it was just standing there".

    My sister shared something her little toddler said while flying for the first time.  Her daughter was looking out the window and ask, "Mommie, why are we flying upside down?" (they were flying above a layer of clouds at the time.)


    Another story I heard years ago..It seems the father had buried a pet cat in the backyard.  He told his young child that this way it could go to Heaven and be with Jesus.  It seems the child got curious one day and dug it up.. then came running into the house yelling, "DADDIE! DADDIE!  Our cat couldn't go to Heaven!"

    My son David, when he was about 4, wanted a garden.  I helped him plant a few radishes under my kitchen window.  They hadn't seemed to grow properly and I wondered why.  One morning I heard David talking to his little friend.  He was telling the boy about his radishes.  I decided to join them and while I was walking towards them I saw David pull out a radish and say, "See my radish?".  He then put it back in the ground.

    When my little Patti was about 2 or so. she was playing in our fenced backyard.  I was in the basement washing with the door to the backyard open so I could hear my little girl.  I noticed she started talking to herself a bit.  "Num Num", she said.  I knew she had nothing to eat so I quickly ran to her.  She held out her hand and repeated.."Num Num"  To my horror her hand was the remains of a baby bird which must have fallen from the nest!!  I grabbed Patti and ran for the house, trying to get what was in her mouth ..out while I ran.  I was a young mother and scared to death of what just took place.

       I quickly called the doctor.  "PATTI ATE A BIRD!",  I sobbed out.  To my horror the doctor started laughing hysterically?  When he could finally gain control of himself he said, "Give her a glass of water to wash it down"...then started laughing again.

    Another time when David was little, he woke me up yelling, "'MAMA!, MAMA!"  I jumped up and ran to him.
    I found him in the kitchen by the window up on a step-stool.  Looking out the window he yelled "LOOK MAMA!  THE MOUNTAINS ARE UP!" (We had a lot of smog most of the time and you couldn't see the mountains) He thought they went up and down like an elevator.

    One of my others sisters had this happen.  She was shopping in a grocery store and had her little girl in a stroller.  Her little girl was sucking on a lolipop.  A man came up to her and said, "Wow!  What a great lolipop you have.".  Her little girl had a serious look as she said, "If you go poo poo potty you could get a lolipop too."

    My toddler and I went to the Meat Market one day.  It was a very small one and was packed with people waiting to be waited on.  My toddler was exceptionally  and had  walked early.  It was finally my turn to

    order the meat I the corner of my eye I noticed little Patti was staring at an exceptionally tall man next to her..  I tried to get her attention to give her a stern look for staring but had to pay attention to what I was buying.  As soon as I could I looked back at Patti....she was slowly moving her eyes up the man.when she reached his head she fell over backwards..her eyes never left his head...nor did she cry...just layed there staring......  I was horrified at her manners....but before I could scold her and help her up the market filled with seems everyone was being entertained by this.  Even the tall man was laughing.

    It seems my little boy was always up before me.  On one occassion I awoke abruptly when he pulled one of my eyelids open and ask, "Mama are you in there"?

    One year we had hundreds of snails bothering our plans.  They were everywhere.  During this time I received a call from my close neighbor.  "Did you know your little boy is going door to door trying to sell snails?"

    I quickly ran outside and sure enough he was on his way to the next neighbor to sell snails!

    This was sent to me via e-mail from a gal named Kathy.

    While at the doctor's late one evening, the cleaning crew started to pick up.  One man in the crew (wearing shortsleeved shirt) was missing an arm.  My son, who was seven at the time, walked over to the man, stood right next to him and bent his body so he could look up the empty sleeve.  From across the room he shouted, "Mommy, his arm is gone!"  Fortunately, the man laughed and explained what had happened to him.

    This one was also sent to me from Kathy.  (Thank you Kathy)

    My son, who is ADD, could easily get out of control.  Instead of always saying, "stop that" or "don't do that" etc. I wanted to get my message across without always sounding negative; so, he and I decided that when I thought things were getting out of hand, I would say, "put  the brakes on."  Then one summer afternoon he was running through the backyard after another child, I yelled out "Put the breaks on"..

    he yelled back without missing a step, "The brakes are Broken!"





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