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People in Cyberspace...
I've been wanting to have a word with all you people.  Are you listening?  Are you sitting down?
Great!  Actually I have questions for you people.


What are we doing here?
What will we do when all the space in cyberspace is filled up with our STUFF?

We've all heard the saying, "I guess it's lost in cyberspace".
So has anyone seen all my stuff out there?  Have any of you seen Anyone's stuff out there?
I've not seen any loose files, graphics or anything floating around.

So where is all that stuff?  With the socks we've all lost?

You say, "Well all that stuff is not REALLY lost in cyberspace".  You just mis-filed it or deleted it."      NO I DID NOT!  I even do SEARCHES on my computer and my "STUFF" is nowhere to be found!

Okay..  I have more questions for you.

I thought computers saved space.  WHAT??  I am drowning over here in PAPER! 


How can anyone say computers save space!

I only print what is absolutely necessary.  For instance......

I hit the "print" button if....

1. I'm in a news forum and someone..somewhere ask a question and has the same exact computer as I have!  I must do this in case something goes wrong and I cannot get on the computer to find an this is necessary right?

2. I see a good tip.

3. I have been given a password or 2 ..or 3.... Hey I must have a jillion of those buggers....they multiply like rabbits!

4. I find specs on my particular computer ...just in case I want to upgrade something.

5. I find a funny story or I can read it over the phone or in person to people that do not have computers.

6. I find instructions on how to make a graphic or something.

7. I order something over the internet and I get an email about it.
  (What the heck are these red lines doing here??)  I did NOT put a red lines here when I made this bkg!!

8. I ask a question in a newsroom and I get 50 answers.

9. I get a compliment by email and want to brag to my relatives and friends.

NOW SEE!! The above are all very important reasons to print..don't you agree?

HOWEVER,  I have totally lost over half of my kitchen!!  My computer,printer,monitor,keyboard, millions of cd's stacks of file drawers with jillions of 3.5 disks in them,my label maker,pencil and pen holders, felt pen holders,telephone,speakers,microphone,headset, mouse and surge bar are all on a long built-in desk in my kitchen.  I have a 2-section,3 shelf each,bookcase on the wall above all of this..and that is filled with manuels,stickers,looseleaf notebooks,tiered metal paper shelves,cases for IMPORTANT recovery disks,etc etc etc..  You think that's enough for all my papers......WRONG!
I have a 3foot by 5 foot table on rollers that I have put a 6-tiered thing on for more papers and it too is full.  Enough?.... nope.  Started putting one tv tray on the side of where I sit.  This has multiplied to 3 tv tables with my "STUFF" on it.  Oh, almost forgot....  This built-in desk has
3 wide drawers,2 deep drawers and a two shelf cupboard....all of which has my "STUFF" in it.

Okay.  So why is this?  I am a fairly organized lady...... I have put a lot of these important papers in tabbed loose-leaf..extra wide things..  I also have two huge accordion type things that I have tabbed and filled up also.

Now all of this wouldn't be so bad if I could find what I need when I need it.  BUT..WHEN I NEED IT I CANNOT FIND IT!!


I'm very, very, very close to throwing all the paper stuff away!!  But if I do....... I KNOW MY PUTER WILL KNOW IT....AND BREAK......AND I WON'T HAVE ANY WAY IN THE WORLD TO KNOW WHAT TO DO IN ORDER TO GET IT WORKING AGAIN!

When we eat meals at my house now  we have to stand as I put all the chairs to the table in the garage.   WELL I NEEDED MORE ROOM FOR MY STUFf!

One bad thing is the door to the garage....where I wash....and where EVERYONE AND HIS UNCLE ALWAYS WANT TO GO TO GET TO THE OUTSIDE so close that I have to MOVE A MILLION TIMES ON A WEEKEND!  I wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to plaster that door SHUT!!!!!  After all ..there is a way they can walk around to the sliding door and after awhile they will wind up outside too!

How am I suppose to create things of beauty in this situation of paper..paper and more paper!
I NEED A BIGGER KITCHEN!!!  After all!! When creating something I must be near the coffee pot!  So I am NOT going to move to the office and be shut off from the rest of the house with a regular DOOR!!!  By the time I'd take running to the kitchen for food and brainstorm of the next thing I planned to create would leak right out of my head!

How am I suppose to convince all my friends and relatives that they should get a computer?  I was trying to convince them that they would have more time to do other things if they had one......well, that fell through!  Everytime they visit they see me busy on the computer and the dust piling up all over the house!

Why do my border backgrounds repeat?    It's driving me up the wall!

Then I tried to convince them they would have more space because they wouldn't have any paper to file or keep........  yeah right!  The first time they get a load of my kitchen and all this paper it scares them to death!

So back to my very first question.


Author is known and wishes she wasn't!

P.S.  Would I give up my puter?   NOOOOO WAAYYYYY!  Let me know though if any of you have seen all the "stuff" I've lost out here in cyberspace.




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